Hi, I'm Introduction.

I'm a theme for Hugo.


My profile picture.

This is Introduction, a minimal scrolling website theme made for Hugo.


  • Responsive display on any size screen
  • Smooth fade-in on load with CSS3
  • Smooth scrolling to page sections from navigation
  • Light and Dark themes
  • Projects section with any number of projects: configurable as a photo gallery, popup with details, or external links
  • Blog section with optionally included Latest Post, on the main page or as a separate section
  • Styled Markdown throughout with support for HighlightJS

Latest Post

Nov 13, 2017

Coffee Ipsum

Aromatic aroma con panna, crema so coffee robust coffee barista, café au lait trifecta that strong blue mountain cortado aftertaste. Aroma extraction french press, skinny sweet, blue mountain cup roast barista, beans, extra cappuccino mug crema strong. Americano caffeine white, con panna saucer sit, con panna eu, carajillo aftertaste kopi-luwak, body aftertaste cup single origin café au lait saucer. Macchiato java sweet arabica, turkish cup, eu flavour mug extraction white cortado saucer est white brewed instant, rich, barista breve cappuccino barista organic. ...Read More


In the Contact section of Introduction, you may optionally display the current time in your preferred timezone.

This lets visitors know what sort of response time to expect when they contact you. The timezone is easily set in the config file.

My current local time is .