Currently doing consultancy work at UX Society. Previously doing UX and product at Agoda in Bangkok, Thailand as an international intern.

I founded User Experience Society, the first student UX organization in the Philippines. For two years, we’ve had 20+ events with 30+ speakers for over 300 members and 500+ attendees. We’ve expanded to California this year.

I do a bit of writing as well. Here’s an article with a total of 21,000+ views to InVision & Medium talking about 50 things I learned spending 3 years as a UX intern.

I help cultivate the design community in Manila too. I’m the youngest core member of UX Philippines and I moderated a panel with some cool people for the UXPH 2017 Conference.

I’m finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems at the Ateneo de Manila University, expecting to graduate in 2018.

My Process

Full Process Design


I collaborate with stakeholders, ask meaningful questions, probe user goals, motivations, to understand context.


I ideate solutions by wireframing or creating mockups, facilitate design studios, and gather user feedback.


I design delightful, purposeful interactions and interfaces that help the user accomplish his or her tasks.


I prototype the final design either in code (HTML, CSS, JS), InVision, Framer Studio or other tools depending on the job.


I perform research through series of usability tests and A/B testing, evaluate design with analytics, and iterate.


I redo the entire process and use new insights to further bolster the product’s user experience.

Case Studies

Selected Works

Cope iOS App

Mobile App Design

Cope is a mobile app that allows mental health help seekers track their symptoms and medication. I helped them create a minimum viable product for testing.

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360 Pro Tracker

Web App Design

The 360 Pro Tracker is a performance tracking system for the 360 Pro gym. It tracks an athlete’s statistics and calculates his or her pro score.

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TEDxADMU Website

Web Design

The TEDxADMU website was a project for the Ateneo Junior Marketing Association. It's a project where I helped them reach a 66.8% conversion rate from scratch.

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