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Writing content

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Check in this post a few tips to use Bento better :) Hiding design elements You can hide elements shown in the single page. Check this example - from the about page: hideMetadata = "true" hideAuthorBio = "true" hideComments = "true" hideSuggestions = "true" hideMetadata hides the date about the page title hideAuthorBio hides the avatar / author bio hideComments hides Disqus comments hideSuggestions hides previous/next posts Using TailwindCSS Using the Bento theme, you can use TailwindCSS to create custom designs.

Configuring the theme

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Sharing the config.toml used in this website: # Better code higlighting # via pygmentsCodefences = true pygmentsStyle = "vs" # Integrations googleAnalytics = "UA-XXXXXX-XX" disqusShortname = "your-disqus-shortname" # Hightlight theme [markup.highlight] style = "github" # Allow HTML rendering inside markdown [markup.goldmark.renderer] unsafe = true [params] # Show intro in the home page (with headline and description) intro = true headline = "This is a headline" description = "A minimalist theme for Hugo, build with Tailwind CSS.