Documentation theme for Hugo, based on Matcornic Learn theme DocDock A simple, yet highly configurable responsive dark theme. After Dark A clear, responsive theme constructed using Pure CSS from Yahoo Blackburn Minimalist theme for Hugo Minimo A simple Hugo theme with Bootstrap for documentation Hugo Theme Bootie Docs A podcast-oriented theme for Hugo Castanet A dark theme with blue accents for Hugo. Provides multiple configuration options and overrides. BluestNight A speed dial theme Slate A simple theme for simple people with simeple needs Anybody Home Clean, responsive one-page portfolio accompanied by a minimalist blog. Osprey A port of Beautiful Jekyll theme Beautiful Hugo Casper theme from Ghost Foundation Casper A hugo theme using bootstrap, bootswatch, font-awesome, highlight.js and a popover email opt-in form Hugo Bootstrap Premium A fork of simple AJAX driven theme for the Ghost blogging platform ported to Hugo. Ghostwriter Consistent, responsive theme with clean typography Cocoa A port of the Drupal zen base theme with libsass and gulp support. Zen Minimal, single page, smooth scrolling theme for Hugo. Introduction A Base theme for building full featured Hugo sites Ananke Gohugo Theme Grid based theme for Hugo. Robust personal blog&project theme Eiio Beautiful documentation for your API. DocuAPI Liquorice is a small black and white theme for Hugo. Liquorice Easily create beautifully simple academic or personal sites Academic Mainroad is a responsive, clean and content-focused Hugo theme. Mainroad Cocoa Enhanced is a clean, fast and responsive theme with cool typography. Cocoa EH A simple Hugo theme based on the Bootstrap v4 blog example. Hugo Bootstrap V4 Blog A minimalistic and responsive theme for bloggers. Cactus Hugo Pacman Theme A clean Hugo theme for websites Crab Documentation theme for Hugo, based on Grav Learn theme Learn Hugo Blog theme for a programmer Hello Programmer A minimalistic dark responsive theme. Hugo Dusk A simple Hugo theme based on the Foundation v6 blog (w/ sidebar) example. Theme Hugo Foundation6 AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Material Design theme AMP Theme for Hugo that supports the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project(AMP). Solit Theme for Hugo that supports the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project(AMP). Aglaus Kube is a professional  and a responsive Hugo theme for developers and designers that offers a documentation section mixed with a landing page and a blog. Kube Hugo A responsive blog theme made using Bootstrap 3, jQuery, and D3.js Hugo Geo A simple and retro styled theme ported from Hexo Minos CSS and HTML only blog/pages focused on content. Light Hugo starter theme featuring AMP project Gohugo Amp A minimalistic and responsive theme for bloggers. Cactus Plus A hugo theme using bootstrap 4, bootswatch, font-awesome, highlight.js Hugo Bootstrap4 A theme for hugo, forked from hexo-fabric Hugo Fabric Port of Tracks Theme TRACKS Little profile/card-style template based on Identity by HTML5 UP. Hugo Identity Bleak crisp theme ported to Hugo Bleak A gorgeous responsive theme for Hugo blog framework Tranquilpeak Port of the creative portfolio theme Creative Portfolio Shapez Theme An elegant open source theme for your open source project blog. Dgraph Simple theme for Hugo Nix Responsive Resume/CV Theme for Developers Orbit A simple grid theme for Hugo. A kind of boilerplate to perform anyone or anything quickly. Hugrid Hugo Themes Wave Wave Starter Hugo theme for developers. Blank A slim minimal theme for Hugo. Slim A one page portfolio for freelancers, programmers and designers. Artists An elegant open source and mobile first theme Hyde A material design theme for documentations. Material Docs A minimal theme for bloggers. Steam Herring Cove is ported from the jekyll theme of the same name Herring Cove A minimalistic theme with the focus on blogging. Minimalist A documentation theme ported from Sphinx to Hugo Alabaster Bulma is a simple and a responsive Hugo theme that offers a traditional blog mixed with a landing page. Bulma A very simple and fast theme for hugo,  which inspired by a hexo theme NexT NeXT Image gallery/Photoblog Theme for Hugo. Phugo Elate theme ported to Hugo by Pieter Saey Elate A port of the Universal theme Universal A free and open-source Hugo theme. Great for blogs and easy to customize. Type The blog theme you may fall in love with, coming to Hugo. Icarus A single page theme for hugo Hugo Scroll An elegant open source and mobile first theme Hugo Uno A classic sidebar hugo theme Hurock Dimension is a single page and responsive site template using modals as pages. Dimension Lithium minimal theme Lithium Minimal blog theme for hugo based on Hemingway2 HUCORE Black & Light a simple and responsive theme to show your bio, blog, and projects - based on Google's Material Design Lite library HugoMDL Plain Blog a one page site for created by html5up Highlights A clean, responsive, template with red accents. Red Lounge Really minimal blog theme for hugo Hemingway2 A personal, minimal blog theme for Hugo. Internet Weblog Hugo Zen is a minimal hugo theme. Hugo Zen A retro wannabe modification of Beautiful Hugo Retroful Hugo Inspired by Atom editor Code Editor Personal blog built with Bootstrap, powered by Hugo Sustain Ported theme of HTML5 UP's Aerial: a single page, single screen responsive site template. Aerial Minimalistic Hugo theme Simple A A Hyperminimal J̶e̶k̶y̶l̶l̶ Hugo Theme Heather Hugo Geppaku is bluish white theme for Hugo Geppaku Vec -- a minimal theme for Hugo. Vec Startbootstrap Clean Blog Startbootstrap Clean Blog Ported theme by HTML5 UP. Prologue is a single page responsive site template with a sticky sidebar. Prologue Detox is a beautiful theme, originally designed by Jordan Bowman (@jrdnbwmn). Detox A simple, beautiful theme for Hugo. Hugo Theme Pixyll An elegant open source and mobile first theme, extended with new integrations and layout improvements Hyde Y A responsive and minimal single-page portfolio with blogging capabilities. Strata A fresh and french theme for Hugo Hugo Frais a distraction-free hugo theme Nofancy Tinyce is a general purpose hugo theme. Tinyce  A minimal theme perfect for dev-savvy bloggers. Hikari A Dark Minimalist Theme for Hugo utilizing the Lost Grid Framework. Dark Simplicity Remark Twemoji - Conversational (Tw)emoji remark.js slides with Hugo Remark Twemoji Remark Minion - Manage and publish Remark.JS slides with Hugo Remark Minion A really simple theme to share your contact information and social links. SMPL uses font awesome 4.6.3 and a beautiful jscript to correctly stretch your image background. Created by SMPL Paper-Now Scientific Article Theme for Hugo Paper Now Hugo Foundation Starter Hugof A nice theme for bloggers. Nixon A one page portfolio for companies and freelancers. Agency A one page HTML theme for creatives. Creative bootstrap theme for documentation Darkdoc Simple Minimalist Hugo Theme Goa A Hugo port of the HPSTR theme by Michael Rose (mmistakes) Hpstr A flat theme for the Hugo static website engine Phlat Theme An elegant, open source and simple theme Simple Hugo Hugo BootSwatch Theme is a single column theme for [hugo]( based on [Twitter Bootstrap]( and a css styling from [Bootswatch]( Hugo Multi Bootswatch Personal portfolio, blog, and gallery for use by the Hugo generator. GridSide Another Minimalist Theme for Hugo SP Minimal Octopress classic theme for Hugo Hugo Octopress Really minimal blog theme for hugo Hemingway A one page HTML theme for freelancers. Freelancer Theme inspired by Hugo Base A simple, lean blog theme for hugo, designed for my personal blog, but free to use for whomever. Allegiant A minimalist, smart, paper theme Martial Paper A minimalist slightly-retro theme Would Have Been Cool In The 80s Bootstrap3 based theme for Hugo. Beg Simple FAQ Theme for Hugo Hugo FAQ Theme Responsive Hugo theme for personal site Me A minimal Hugo theme; Blog-purposed Lunacy Modern blog, great for companies, products or anything. Hugo Incorporated An elegant open source landing page theme. Landing Page Simple Material Design theme Material Design A 2 column blog theme for Hugo using Bootstrap - inspired by the Jekyll theme Hyde by mdo Strange Case Minimalist theme for Hugo. Paperback A theme based on the pure css blog layout Purehugo A simple academic theme. Finite Casper theme from Ghost Foundation, Plus particles.js Air Ghost crisp theme ported to Hugo Crisp Base16 is a simple and colorful theme with the base16 eighties colorscheme Base16 A responsive magazine website with a sleek, modern design. Twenty Fourteen Angel's Ladder is a simple blog theme for Hugo. Angel'S Ladder Ported theme of HTML5 UP, future imperfect, with some extra goodies Hugo Future Imperfect Lanyon-Hugo is a theme designed for blogging. Lanyon Bootswatch Theme (Bootstrap 3) for Hugo Hugo Bootswatch An elegant open source and mobile first theme, extended with new integrations and layout improvements Hyde X A clean and simple theme for Hugo Rocktopus A Bootstrap-based Hugo theme. Shiori An easy to use landing page theme for github hosted project. Github Project Page A hugo theme based on Google's Material Design Lite Material Lite minimalistic and _extremely_ lightweight hugo theme Gindoro Simple responsive theme for hugo Hugo H5bp Simple An HTML template for project timelines Projecthub Simple and clean blog theme for hugo Vienna Port of octopress's greyshade theme to Hugo Greyshade Hugo theme using css3 framework & icons Tachyons Material Design theme by polymer (web components) Polymer